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Edson Lopez Noel is a political action committee, with an emphasis on action. 

In 1911, three Los Angeles women led the fight for women's suffrage in California, and won -- a full eight years before the nation followed. 

Katherine Edson was a mother of three kids. Maria de Lopez was a Mexican immigrant and college instructor. Frances Nacke Noel was a socialist from Germany. 

At Edson Lopez Noel, we are committed to rebuilding our local political organizations from the ground up, with women who get things done.


We recruit candidates who support science-based and economically-sound policy.  While we believe all issues are women's issues, our particular areas of focus include housing, climate, healthcare, and social justice, as seen through a pro-woman lens. 

Get involved with us. 

When women work together, we change the world.


Sarah Kate Levy & Karen Coronel

Executive Directors & Co-Founders

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