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Zennon Ulyate-Crow

At 18-years-old, I am the youngest person to ever run for ADEMs. From this perspective, it’s clear the California Democratic Party needs to evolve to maintain its uniquely diverse coalition.


With only lukewarm support for the progressive climate policies my generation values, young Californians are becoming disillusioned with the party, fracturing the bonds that have held the state reliably blue for over a decade.


To preserve the party and fulfill our moral imperative to push for progressive policies that better all Californians, I’m running on an aggressive climate agenda with the overall goal of including both a statewide Green New Deal and an anti-sprawl housing resolution as part of the party platform.


My background as a lifelong Topangan and environmentalist has heavily influenced my policy priorities. For over two years, I’ve served on the Policy Committee of Abundant Housing Los Angeles, a non-profit advocating for climate-friendly solutions to the housing crisis. While there, I’ve also worked as a Projects Co-Supervisor, speaking at city council meetings and writing countless advocacy letters to elected officials regarding housing policies and projects. With CAYIMBY, our statewide partner, I’ve been sponsored to speak directly with state politicians in Sacramento, discussing how the climate my generation will inherit is significantly affected by California’s sprawl-inducing housing policies.


In an election where a candidate with just 500 votes can win, every single voice matters. To unify the party and enact effective climate solutions, I hope I can count on your support to represent Assembly District 50 in the California Democratic Party Convention.

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I'm running in Assembly District 50.


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