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Yvet Chambers

As a young girl, I experienced living on many diverse continents.  I lived among some dozen different languages and managed to learn 4 myself.  I co-existed with over a dozen different religions and found much in common with all.   I grew up  first in Whittier, California, then in Persia, yes that’s what it was called in the 70’s, then in the South of India, and finally in Europe before I returned here to SoCal where I call home. 


My exposure to the world and it’s cultures and people is an attribute to my present day ideologies.  I choose to be here in California and I choose to be a Democrat.  As a female, a mother, a wife, a community leader and  a human being, my choice to be a Democrat feels natural.  

My adult world revolves greatly around kindness, opportunities and equity.   I feel grateful to be a community leader and a community volunteer.   I make sacrifices to have this experience.  I get out often and meet my community at their front doors while bringing projects, causes and safety. I make time to represent my community to government and speak on behalf of our needs.  


This drive to create a future we all can participate in has a deep meaning in my heart.  I believe we all have purpose.  I believe we all have fears.  I believe we can all achieve what we want if we work, focused and intentionally towards a goal.  Whatever that goal may be. I enjoy finding that common goal and working towards it. 

As an ADEM, I know I can represent my community, its needs and its future by continuing to reach out, listen and participate in solutions together and I’m willing to do the work.  Those who know me recognize a driven, honest and caring Democrat.  Vote for me and you will be voting for a voice that represents community, people and their needs.

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Thank you for your pledge of support in the upcoming Assembly Delegate elections (ADEMs)!

I'm running in Assembly District 46.


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