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Lisa Cassandra

I am a proud, lifelong Democrat, grassroots activist, parent of two college-aged children, feminist, writer, and non-profit professional running for CA Democratic Party Delegate for Assembly District 53. If elected, my priority will be to bring a call for equity and justice to the party.


California and the US have not yet lived up to their promise, and will not, until we eliminate systemic discrimination of all kinds. The Democratic Party of CA has historically helped to move the national party to the left and has always been on the forefront of progress. This must continue, but with an even heavier push toward equity and justice for all people. 


I have been an activist my entire life, most recently a Regional Events Volunteer Leader with the Biden-Harris campaign. A lead volunteer on Senator Harris’ campaign before that, I believed “Justice was on the ballot,” and fought for the various types of justice: economic, environmental, health care, educational, reproductive, children’s, housing, immigrant, and gun control. Crucial in the fight for equity in California are policies to make housing, transportation, and health care available and affordable to all people. I am certain we can have both a thriving democracy and a thriving economy when ALL people are lifted up and supported.


It would be an honor to help represent this diverse and wonderful district to the CA Democratic Party and have a hand in making decisions to help all Californians.

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I'm running in Assembly District 53.


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