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Alex C. Smith

Born in one of the last middle class Black neighborhoods in Shreveport, LA, I was brought up
with a deep understanding of community and our commitment to one another. I was also brought up in a politically active family that prided themselves on speaking truth to power. In the 1960s South that could cost you your life. What was revealed to me was that this was so much bigger than one’s own sense of freedom. If we are not all free, no one is free.


Throughout my life I’ve seen working people struggle to make ends meet. How can our economy be thriving while children are going to bed hungry? While people are working more than three jobs to make it? There’s a disconnect that continues to persist. We are not all free.

I moved to Los Angeles In 2004 in pursuit of a career in TV and film. I’ve produced two short
films that were met with some fanfare, but as anyone who has been on this path, they know it’s as unpredictable a career as you’ll find and there’s no timeline to when you will meet success. What has sustained me in my new home is being a part of a community.

I’m running for Assembly District Delegate in the 50th district because I want to offer my voice on behalf of my neighbors. Sharing my lived experiences to shape policy, and to shape the way we message these policies to Californians. I will fight for higher wages, universal healthcare, affordable child care and climate change -- because they are all interconnected.

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I'm running in Assembly District 50.


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